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Re: Gnome to be removed from debian?

hmm...I have had more problems with other packages in my stint with Debian.  Gnome has
been running fine and stable for the past month for me.  Every once in a while
I'll have some conflictions...but as with all development stuff..you give
it a little bit of time and it all works out.

If you don't like gnome...don't use it...don't ruin it for those who do like


On Fri, Feb 12, 1999 at 01:05:24PM -0600, Adam Heath wrote:
> Let's face it.  Gnome sucks.  I don't know if I can count how many gnome
> versions we have in slink/potato.  And then we have libaries that depend on
> gnome, and if a program depends on these secondary libraries, then you have to
> try and diddle around just to get it to compile.
> I propose that gnome be removed from slink, until the gnome developers get a
> clue.  Maybe a distribution removing there pet project will be the clue bat
> they need.  They seem not to care about the rest of the world.
> Adam
> Now, as to why I cc'd policy.  There is a more serious issue at stake.  All
> these gnome libs and dev pkgs are quite confusing.  Users have a hard time
> deciding what they need.  And gnome hasn't even released 1.0 yet.  With gnome
> having major internal changes, on almost a daily basis, and then having those
> changes put in debs, leads to great confusion.
> No other library has so many versions.
> Gnome might be stable, and not have segfaults/crashes.  But having it change
> so often is not good.  Debian needs to pick 1(one, uno) version of gnome, and
> stick with it.  Not these infinitely different versions.
> Adam again.
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