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Re: RFC: new network config (was: Re: network configuration)

Hallo erstmal!

Craig Sanders (cas@taz.net.au),
"Re: RFC: new network config    (was: Re: network configuration)":

> do you know how to get a list of alias interfaces? with the old ifconfig
> under 2.0.x kernels, "ifconfig" or "ifconfig -a" would display all of
> the interfaces, including aliases.
> under 2.1.x or 2.2.x kernel, it doesn't display the aliases...and i
> can't seem to find anything in /proc or /proc/net which lists them.
> this is probably a case of RTFM, but if someone has already figured out
> how to do it i'd appreciate being clued in :-)

use the iproute package. 
ip addr ls


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