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Re: cron has gone to UTC time?

On 10-Feb-99, 01:29 (CST), Kai Henningsen <kaih@khms.westfalen.de> wrote: 
> Scenario:
> unpack cron
> unpack timezones        - this deletes (!!) /etc/timezone
> setup cron              - cron is now at UTC
> setup timezones         - a correct /etc/timezone is recreated
> This means that during a timezones upgrade, there is a window when the  
> system is running under UTC. During a mass upgrade, this window can be  
> fairly long.

Ah-ha! This also explains why I never see the bug -- my cron never gets
upgraded during dselect runs (which is a flaw in my testing; I may have
to play with that in the future).

Kai, thanks for identifying this bug. 


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