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Re: cron has gone to UTC time?

eichin@thok.org (Mark W. Eichin)  wrote on 11.02.99 in <xe1ogn1r0p4.fsf@paycheck.thok.org>:

> > But it doesn't stay that way all the time when you upgrade timezones.
> Ooooh...   Excellent detective work, there!

You can thank the weekly news.

I was doing this dselect/apt-get run, and also playing with gpg in another  
console, and I suddenly noticed that gpgm listed a timezone as something  
like /etc/timezone (or whatever it was). I grumbled to myself "oh no, did  
the timezones update kill my timezone *again*?" (I think twice, an old  
timezone package upgrade resulted in no timezone - not quite what happened  
this time), and went to poke around in the install scripts. Too tangled to  
be obvious, but they *did* contain a number of rm commands. Hmmm. Look in  
/etc. Oh, I don't see that file at all. Not good.

Look at apt-get run. Oh, it's crashed _again_. dpkg --configure -a. Look  
around. Oh nice, syslog starting again, an hour wrong. Look at dosemu  
(which has a batch synchronizing time from Linux "date"). Oh look, it's an  
hout back as well. Well, no can do until timezones is configured. Kill  
some time. Hey look, dpkg --configure -a is done. Oh, seems like my  
timezone repaired itself. Time to go to bed, then.

Next morning. Look over the consoles. Umm, why is tcpdump showing me  
packets over the ISDN line? It's after 9:00, and cron should shut off  
diald at 9:00! Did I just say "cron"? Wasn't there something about "cron"?  
Oh yes, the weekly said something about cron and timezones and people  
looking for the cause ... <comic book lightbulb> so this is what happens!  
Go search debian-devel folder. Read thread. Tell people.

MfG Kai

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