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Re: Admin tools - idea from left field

On Wed, Feb 10, 1999 at 03:22:09PM -0600, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
> >>>>> David Welton writes:
>  DW> I just wanted to toss this one out as sort of a random idea I
>  DW> had.  Basically, to isolate the config sections of various
>  DW> programs, and utilize Tcl, Python, Guile, or something like that
>  DW> as a standard config language, linking certain variables with the
>  DW> program's internal variables.
> [...]
>  DW> Obviously, this would be a large project, and might go nowhere at
>  DW> all.

> This is part of the design goal for Guile.  The only problem is that
> it has to be a grass-roots movement... you'd influence more people
> by doing this for your own programs and demonstrating the advantages
> than by telling other people that they should do it themselves.

The other problem with Guile is that, last time I checked, it wanted
to take over your main() - it doesn't play real friendly with C, in
some ways.  I think that is being fixed, but this is something one
would want to be sure of...  Not to mention that it loads a bunch of
junk and is kind of slow.

> Anyway, it's an admirable goal.  Good luck with it.

Heh - this is more in my long term projects basket.  For now I'd
rather hack on things that will actually do something for me.  Maybe
the best way to procede would be to decide on a language and
structure, more or less, and just use it when I encounter a program
with a crappy config syntax.

I was curious just to see how other peopl reacted - I'll post, I'm
sure, if I ever decide to act on the idea.

David Welton                          http://www.efn.org/~davidw 

        Debian GNU/Linux - www.debian.org

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