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Re: Intent to package GTKstep theme

In article <[🔎] 87hfsvg0f9.fsf@ranita.zdv.uni-mainz.de>,
Paul Seelig <pseelig@mail.uni-mainz.de> wrote:
>che@debian.org (Ben Gertzfield) writes:
>> >>>>> "Adam" == Adam Klein <aklein@scn.org> writes:
>>     Adam> packages) is to use the name gtk-engines-<themename>, and
>>     Adam> section graphics.  I'm not sure this is the right thing to
>> I would think gtk-engines-gtkstep would make more sense; there may
>> be a program called 'gtkstep' in the future, and then there would
>> be a conflict.
>XEmacs packages something else too because there may be a program
>called "xemacs" in the future.  Maybe we should even rename all our
>packages to something else because there may be programs called with
>these very names in the future... ;-)
>We should be careful to stick to the upstreams' package name as close
>as possible because this is what the installer expects.  This is IMHO
>a matter of basic intuition and shouldn't be spoiled by theoretical
>ponderings.  So "gtkstep" sounds just fine to me.

OTOH, it would appear intuitive to me that if there are several GTK
themes named 'gtk-engines-*', then 'dpkg -l gtk-engines-*' will list
/all/ available ones, assuming a consistent naming scheme...

Arguably, though, the name "gtkstep" isn't likely to be used by
anything else, yes.


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