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Re: xfree 3.3.3

On Thu, Feb 04, 1999 at 07:25:24PM -0600, chomsky@debian.org wrote:
> Does anybody have debs for xfree 3.3.3 made, official or otherwise?  A
> friend of mine with a matrox G200 is in dire need...   
> I remember seeing some in debian/Incoming a few days ago, any ideas
> where these went?

I made some (ppc only) packages, including some accel stuff for fbdev
X server. They are in incoming/xfree or something like that, pending their move
to experimental.

There are no i386 packages, but i guess you could compile them from the source
package. (6hours or such on my ppc603e@240MHz,no L2 cache).

I wanted them moved to potato, while is fixed for slink and slink
freezed, but was told (i still don't understand why) that i should not make NMU
to potato, that it will break the work being done for slink and other such
stuff (strangely there is no true X package in potato, only symlinks to slink).



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