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Re: dinstall mails

> Craig Sanders wrote:
> > the dinstall mails don't seem to add anything useful. everyone announces
> > their stuff anyway, when they upload. the extra mails just double the
> > amount of mail received from debian-devel-changes
> Yes, but once the new system is used by all, we can modify dupload to not
> announce uploads. We're just in a transition period.

And the original plan, which we will hopefully implement, is to split
the *-changes into several different mailing lists:

debian-changes               for stable updates, as currently
debian-devel-source-changes  for any source uploads (.orig.tar.gz or .diff.gz)
debian-devel-<arch>-changes  for binary (.deb) uploads

A binary upload to Architecture: all will be announced to all of the
architecture-specific lists.

None of the new lists will inherit the subscribers from any of the
current lists, and this will mean that the duplicated emails are
irrelevant, as the old debian-devel-changes will simply be shut down.



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