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Re: dinstall mails

On Sun, Feb 07, 1999 at 12:10:02AM +0000, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> And the original plan, which we will hopefully implement, is to split
> the *-changes into several different mailing lists:
> debian-changes               for stable updates, as currently
> debian-devel-source-changes  for any source uploads (.orig.tar.gz or .diff.gz)
> debian-devel-<arch>-changes  for binary (.deb) uploads

May I suggest debian-devel-changes-<arch> to avoid confusion?
> A binary upload to Architecture: all will be announced to all of the
> architecture-specific lists.

Or we could have it as another arch *shrugs*.
> None of the new lists will inherit the subscribers from any of the
> current lists, and this will mean that the duplicated emails are
> irrelevant, as the old debian-devel-changes will simply be shut down.

Actually, may I suggest keeping -devel-changes and subscribing it to
each of the new lists? That way the people who want to read everything
can get everything..

Zephaniah E. Hull..
>    Julian

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