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Re: RFC: new network config (was: Re: network configuration)

On Sat, Feb 06, 1999 at 04:48:28AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > # /etc/interfaces
> > # Add here your interfaces as you would do with ifconfig(8).
> > #
> > # The netmask must be given. The trailing "up"/"down" can be omitted.
> > #
> > # /etc/init.d/interfaces which is normally called at boottime reads this file.
> > eth0 	netmask
> > eth1	netmask
> For PCMCIA netcards, you need some way of saying all this stuff,
> and also that you don't want to do this automatically at bootup, but
> that pcmcia-cs or something will take care of it when a card actually
> gets inserted. Possibly a "noauto" option, as per fstab, or something
> similar. That way pcmcia can just "mount" it later.
what about:
/sbin/ifconfig   	eth0 	netmask up
/sbin/pcmcia-cs  	eth1 	netmask
/sbin/what_for_dhcp	eth2		netmask

I guess this is very readable and understandable for everybody :-)
And it will be very nice to parse...

> For DHCP, BOOTP and IPv6 (well, DHCPv6) clients, you need some way of
> saying "this other package will take care of working out how to deal
> with addresses and routing and whatever else, so just run /sbin/foo".
I don't know DHCP: is the above solution ok ?

> Not requiring a netmask would probably be nice, and having an optional
> broadcast address might also be nice.
A netmask is absolutely necessary I think - and with the above way
everything is possible :-)

> 	eth0:1  netmask
> would be a perfectly reasonable line to have above, btw.

> > ----------------------------------------------------------------
> > # /etc/gateways:
> > #<net | host> NAME1 gateway NAME2 metric VALUE <passive | active | external> 
net 	gateway 	metric 1 	external

> Adding "metric 1 external" would probably be a good move. (metric 1 means
> it's one hop away, external that routed should completely ignore this
> route) "man routed" for some info on how /etc/gateways is meant to work.
> (Bug#23703, fwiw. *sigh*)
> I guess just adding "if there's an interface for this network/host" around
> the code to "add this gateway to the routing table" would make this work
> for noauto and stuff above too.
good hints.

> Note also that it's just plain not possible to list all routes here,
> for clients that use DHCP and friends in particular (where the routes
> aren't known in advance and can even change).
You will say that using /etc/gateways is not possible ?

> I am, btw, currently thinking that the IP aliases / virtual hosting stuff
> being discussed in another part of this thread should go in a completely
> different package to netbase. netaliases or netvirtual or something,
> perhaps. It seems to me that this gets rid of a large part of the "perl,
> sed, awk, oh my" problem for boot-floppies.
Yes: I, too do not like to have the virtual host stuff in netbase. 
Craig Sanders is currently working on such a thing. 

But what about the IP_Alias stuff ? Why should this not fit into 
/etc/interfaces. (Keep in mind that we even need no entry in /etc/gateways
since the new kernel-2.2.x automatically creates the necessary basic route)

> Cheers,
> aj
read you,


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