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Re: mutt and arrow keys

In article <cistron.19990206141805.B8801@sos.ethz.ch>,
Stef Hoesli Wiederwald  <debian@sos.ethz.ch> wrote:
>I have the newest mutt from potato, but still have a problem with it
>that I have since some time now: When I connect to the server using
>xterm via ppp from my machine at home, mutt can not handle it
>correctly, if I press an arrow key (eg. up and down to browse
>e-mails). When I press one of the arrow buttons, mutt just beeps. If I
>press it several times, mutt beeps first, but then moves the
>cursor. When I want to change the subject of an e-mail, and press the
>left arrow, mutt also beeps, and prints [[D where the first [ is
>colored red.

That's because the timeout mutt uses to decide if a combination
of keys belongs together (arrow-down is escape [ B) is probably
too short.

vt100 like terminal emulation is braindead wrt the keyboard; it
is hard to distinguish between escape [ B pressed seperately by
the user, or generated by arrow-down.

AFAICS there is no way to configure this timeout. Perhaps there
should be. In the mean time you can navigate with the vi-like
hjkl keys instead.

Indifference will certainly be the downfall of mankind, but who cares?

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