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Re: RFC: new network config (was: Re: network configuration)

On Fri, Feb 05, 1999 at 07:33:34AM +0000, Alexander Koch wrote:
> You read mine?
yes, thanks.

> > My approach is now the following. I try to use as many well-known files as
> > possible. The only new file is /etc/interfaces which is itself very 
> > "compatible" since it takes the parameters for insmod 1:1 (nearly).
> So you have the insmod parameters in that?
typo: ifconfig was meant.

> > /etc/init.d/interfaces start
> > 	foreach $line (<"/etc/interfaces">) {
> > 		`ifconfig $line up`
> > 		`route add &calc_base_address($ip, $netmask) eth0`
> > 	}
> Do we want to have the (basic) routes here?
> I like to have all the interfaces up first
> (including all :1 and :2 (ip_alias)) and *then*
> start giving the basic routes. Beware of
> duplicate routes here..
The thing with the IP_ALIAS I don't know exactly and have to read first.
But why do you want to set the routes after all interfaces and then
setup the routes ?
BTW: Since this config will probably be kernel-2.2.x-only, I will probably
really setup the routes *after* the ifconfig's.

> > /etc/init.d/routes start
> > 	foreach $line (<"/etc/gateways">) {
> > 		`route add $ip gw $gw`
> > 	}
> You will have to put quite some more magic in this since it is
> not just the IP for the route and it's hardly a gateway for each
> entry. Besides /etc/gateways is used elsewhere, is it?
/etc/gateways is used by the routed daemon. But this is no problem, since
I will not setup routes, if routed runs and since I use the same format as
routed, everything will be fine.
Of course I have to read some more about /etc/gateways, but others, too
have stated that there will be no problem when defining all gateways there.

> > 3rd thing: does anything apart from NFS need portmap ? I seems so to me and
> > if, it should also vanish from netbase, because now it gets started all the
> > time, and I have the strange feeling, that I do not need it !
> It hurts no-one. I would like to have it started.
I thought there was a DOS or a similar bug related to it... but this
is at the moment gone out of my interest :-)

> Alexander
read you,


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