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Re: Register an icon for a program

Stephen Crowley wrote:
> > > I guess there are some predefined icons but for the big majority
> > > no icon is provided by the window manager.  So the Q is how to
> > > register one.
> > 
> > No offense hee Joey, but WHY?  If the wm allows a user to change the icons,
> > most users have their own prefs.  I see no reason why Debian or others should
> > be involved.
> I don't know about you but I'd rather have something work by default than
> having to go and setup icons for every little program. You can
> customize it later if you want.

Exactly.  We're already doing this by providing a menu system in which
every application that is installed on the system gets added so the
user doesn't need to care about it if he doesn't want to.



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