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Re: Register an icon for a program

Shaleh wrote:
> > I guess there are some predefined icons but for the big majority
> > no icon is provided by the window manager.  So the Q is how to
> > register one.
> No offense hee Joey, but WHY?  If the wm allows a user to change the icons,
> most users have their own prefs.  I see no reason why Debian or others should
> be involved.

Simply because most of the programs are not associated with an 
icon per default.  For example fvwm2 would only display a rotated
question mark if I iconify such a program.  *twm would only
display the "Class name" in a rectangle.

However if I iconify an xterm I normally get a computer or X or
something similar (if I'm not mistaken, I don't use X normally).

Thus I believe that it would be convenient for the user if Debian
would automatically associate an application with an icon if the
application provides an icon for itself.  I know that not many
apps do this but there are some of them that provide spcial icons,
we use them in icon+menus for example.

The mechanism I'm looking for should, of course, not overwrite
the users choice but present a nice default - nicer than a
rotated question mark.



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