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Re: network configuration

On Tue, 2 February 1999 20:39:30 +0000, Christian Hammers wrote:
> Or is there really anybody who has something against a config file 
> /etc/network.conf that looks like the following and gets parsed by
> /etc/init.d/netbase or netstd_init or whatever.

Hmh. Yes.

> # remember to change also /etc/resolv.conf /etc/hosts /etc/hostname
> MODULE=n2k-pci
> MODULE=somewhat irq=2
> IF1_TYPE=ethernet
> IF1_IP=
> ...
> Wouldn't that be better ?

What is the "MODULE" for? There is no need for a kerneld any more
(presuming most ppl are running 2.2.x soon) and you just *have*
to compile many things as a module for the kernel gets way too
big if you don't.

There's another place for putting module configuration into.

Besides, a list much like /etc/fstab comes to my mind if I think
of such a conf file, esp. for routes.

And there's not much sense in IF1_GATEWAY. An interface doesn't
have a gateway. A route has.


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