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Re: RFC: new network config

aj@azure.humbug.org.au (Anthony Towns)  wrote on 07.02.99 in <[🔎] 19990207154733.A9236@azure.humbug.org.au>:

> The netmask is usually the default (ie for class A,
> for class B, and for class C), so it seems a shame to have
> to specify it in these cases. :-/

CIDR is from 1993. Since then, the A/B/C class distinction has been  
officially useless.

In practice, local subnetting has made it useless long before.

Forget you ever heard about it. It's only of historic interest.

Any software that "knows", for example, that a net 10 interface ought to  
have a /8 netmask, I'd consider buggy. (Incidentally, all net 10 netmasks  
I have actually seen were /24. Not surprising, given that about 90% of all  
netmasks I have ever seen have been /24.)

MfG Kai

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