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Re: What to do with CPAN ?

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Joey Hess wrote:

> Mark W. Eichin wrote:
> > I'd certainly like to see a debhelper or debmake sort of tool that
> > handled all the no-brainer parts of packaging something off of CPAN;
> > given that perl -MCPAN -e shell; "install module" works for everything
> > I've wanted to use it for, going the rest of the way should not be too
> > hard, but I've been hoping someone else has done it... there are a
> > couple of little CPAN modules I'd maintain because I use them all the
> > time, if it were easy to bootstrap into packaging them...
> Didn't Manoj say once he thought it could all be automated except perhaps
> things like the package description in the control file?

Manoj in fact said that he had done some work on a 'make-cpkg' after the
style of make-kpkg.  No word from him recently, though, on that..


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