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Re: lintian warning and /var/www

On Monday 1 February 1999, at 22 h 5, the keyboard of Jean Pierre LeJacq 
<jplejacq@quoininc.com> wrote:

> wn provides an HTTP server so I have created the directory /var/www to
> provide the standard root directory for the server per Debian policy.
> But I notice that other packages, big brother for example, that always
> create this directory.

bigbrother "creates" that directory because it is in its debian/dirs. I need to put a symbolic link in /var/www (to bigbrother-produced HTML files), so I have to list it in debian/dirs. I discussed it before on debian-devel where nice people replied unanimously "You moron, read the Policy, it says to use /var/www".

It is not a really good thing since bigbrother can be an agent or a manager and only the manager needs /var/www (that's why bigbrother does not depend on http-server). But I had no time, nor serious incentive, to split it into two packages.

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