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Re: Neat gtk/gdk-imlib pain


>>>>> Jason Gunthorpe writes:

 >> There is apparantly an EGCS patch called libapi, available in the
 >> Debian egcs package, which is supposed to implement the above.
 >> Adopting and improving this patch would definitely solve your
 >> GNOME problems, Jim.

 JG> Can you give us some pointers? This sounds like a good thing for
 JG> the gnome people to adopt upstream as well..

Damn.  It's not a generalized solution like I was hoping it would be.

This reminds me of a time when I said to myself... ``Damn.  All I
want to do is build some shared libraries, but every shared
library-supporting package I've seen has its own mechanism, and none
of them is clearly better than the others.  I bet I could write a
little shell script....''

I guess it's up to me again (or whoever else feels like doing the
dirty work) to figure out a way to fix this bugger. ;)

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