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Intent to package: wmaker dock apps

I've recently switched to Window Maker as my window manager.  I'm also
trying a bunch of dock apps, kinda like a kid in a candy store. 
Anyway, the I've decided to maintain a few of them as packages if
they're not already taken.

They are:

wmWeather - local weather per airport weather system
wmSpaceWeather - weather in "space" such as Xrays, etc
wmuptime - jsut shows up time in days, hours, minutes, seconds
wmpinboard - "todo" list in the form of "postit" type notes
wmdate - Calendar-only app for use with dock bars with clock-only apps
pclock - analog clock that allows any XPM as background

All are GPL 'cept wmdate which the author slapped a Modified BSD
licenses when I asked him about it.

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