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Re: dinstall can now announce packages & close bugs for you

jdg@maths.qmw.ac.uk (Julian Gilbey) writes:

> There was also the idea of running the announcement part of dinstall
> every ten minutes or thereabouts.

I could announce new packages as they're processed.  (They'd be
announced twice then.)  Are people actually sitting around all day
waiting for new packages to hit incoming so they can run and install
them?  Debian groupies.

> Does the new code yet handle the planned multiple -changes-<arch>
> lists as discussed in the early days of this feature request?

No, but I could add that in about 5 minutes.

> Please could you file a bug against dupload and devscripts to change
> the behaviour of the dupload and release scripts to stop announcing
> package uploads.  (I will only change the release script in frozen if
> you regard it as release critical.)

I don't regard it as release-critical, but I'd like to get a few days
more testing of it first.


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