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Re: dinstall can now announce packages & close bugs for you

> jdg@maths.qmw.ac.uk (Julian Gilbey) writes:
> > There was also the idea of running the announcement part of dinstall
> > every ten minutes or thereabouts.
> I could announce new packages as they're processed.  (They'd be
> announced twice then.)  Are people actually sitting around all day
> waiting for new packages to hit incoming so they can run and install
> them?  Debian groupies.

Maybe have dinstall run as follows about once an hour, say:

dinstall -c *.changes

to announce the uploaded .changes files.  This would essentially do
the following (in Perl/pseudocode):

for $changes (@ARGV) {
  ($announce=$changes) =~ s/\.changes$/.announced/;
  next if -e $announce;
  # now check the PGP signature of the .changes file and for the
  # existence, size and MD5 sums of the other files listed in the
  # .changes file.  It may be possible, even at this early stage, to
  # reject some packages because of problems; I don't remember the
  # details.
  if ($noproblems) {
    system 'touch', $announce;




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