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Re: Installation Profiles [was: Re: Reality check!]

Paul Seelig writes:
> Myself i do prefer XEmacs over all other variants but wouldn't mind if
> i had to install it later on my own.

I prefer emacs, bu I also wouldn't mind if > i had to install it later on
my own.  In fact, I would not mind at all if emacs was optional.

> IMHO it would be much wiser to provide a useful *minimum* in each
> category upon which people can base their own choices.

That is what I originally thought the profiles were for.

> As it stands "Basic" is far too basic for being an acceptable minimum and
> the other profiles are far beyond being a truly useable minimum.

Might it be possible to include fewer packages in each profile and then
present the user with a list of additional packages that might be of
interest to them given that they have chosen this particular profile?
Something like "You have installed the Scientific Workstation profile.  The
following additional packages may be of interest ..."

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