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Re: Installation Profiles [was: Re: Reality check!]

> Might it be possible to include fewer packages in each profile and then
> present the user with a list of additional packages that might be of
> interest to them given that they have chosen this particular profile?
> Something like "You have installed the Scientific Workstation profile.  The
> following additional packages may be of interest ..."

a possibility i considered: divide user-space (i use the term loosely
here. things that wouldn't be considered user-space by some, such as the
interpreters section, count) packages into heirarchical groups (structure
identical or similar to the debian menus, possibly?). have a level wherein
the user selects any of these he wants; it will be easy to skip those things
he obviously doesn't want (i can safely skip Applications/Ham-Radio and such
things). this would save a *lot* of time, especially for anal people like me
who actually read all two to three thousand package descriptions (really.
initially installing hamm took me all weekend). any dependencies are
autoselected, so i don't have to spend hours looking through libweird-2.3,
libweird-2.3-dev, libweird2.3-dbg, libweird2.3-doc, libweird4.2,
libweird4.2-dev, libweird4.2-dbg, libweird4.2-doc, ad infinitum (or at least 
ad nauseam). according to policy i should be able to just install all the
optional things and then look at extra iff i want something really
specialized, but that really doesn't scale too well.


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