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Re: Gnome-apt debs now available

On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, Mitch Blevins wrote:
> An earlier version of gnome-apt caused the CD-ROM to eject so forcefully
> that the CD flew across the room and I came _this_ close to spending
> the rest of my life with a Greatful Dead CD embedded 2 inches into my
> skull.  Please use Caution. ;)

For the record, gnome-apt doesn't directly manipulate the CD-ROM, all
CD-ROM handling is in the Apt library and is therefore Jason's fault.  ;-)

While I'm posting to -devel I'll head off some bug reports: There is a bug
in all versions of Gnome between January 15 and Jan 19, or so, which spews
all those warnings about widget != NULL and causes the popup menu to
behave badly (actions don't get properly desensitized/ghosted, check menu
items aren't kept in sync).  Any version of Gnome from other dates should
fix this. Unfortunately, this does not include the Gnome .debs for now. 

The other major bug I've found is that search seems to hang eating 100%
CPU in some or all cases. The problem is somewhere in the package file
parser and we are investigating.


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