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Re: Gnome-apt debs now available

On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, Mitch Blevins wrote:

> > That gives nicer displays with APT - to do so you must generate the
> > package file in ~mblevin and put it in gnome-apt.
> I don't want to put a Packages in my base public_html, but
> you can also access this thru
> deb http://www.debian.org/~mblevin/apt gnome-apt/

No you can't, your paths are like this:

Filename: ./apt_0.3.0_i386.deb

They need to be

Filename: gnome-apt/apt_0.3.0_i386.deb

Now how you do that is like this:

cd ~/public_html
dpkg-scanpacakges gnome-apt/ /dev/empty | gzip > gnome-apt/Packages.gz

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