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Re: The Debian Logo-team

Previously Ben Collins wrote:
> Not to sound put off by this, just wondering on what criteria you
> selected the team. Considering I offered to help, and the fact that I
> have a strong background in desktop publishing and web design (strong,
> as in 8 years working experience) I would have thought my knowledge to
> have been useful.

I used a simple selection method: people I asked since I felt they
should be in there (Nils and James), and people who volunteered and had
a good explanation of why they felt they could contribute. Finally 5
people sounded like a nice number.

I indeed asked around on irc a bit if people were interested in this and
you said you we were to help out, but you never answered my question why
you would make a good choice. So I didn't know about your background in
publishing and web design. I'm willing to step out and let you take my 
place though, since it seems you have much more knowledge about good
logos then I do.


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