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Re: voting instructions on the web [was: PLEASE remember to vote

On 28-Jan-99 Kevin Dalley wrote:
>> Well, it's on http://vote.debian.org, which is fairly obvious.
> No, it actually isn't obvious, any more than www.debian.org/election
> is obvious.  A link from the Debian home page, or the developers page,
> to vote.debian.org seems like a good idea.
check http://www.debian.org/devel/ (that's the developer section that you'd get
to if you clicked on it from the main page).  I think it's in the first column
first few lines down.

> By the way, http://www.vote.debian.org, under current events, states
> that nominations for project leader are open.  Perhaps this should be
> changed to state that elections are in progress and almost over.
You're right. 

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