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Re: Intent to package manpages-fi

Teemu Hukkanen wrote:
> from the README:
> ->8-clip->8-
> This package contains a first, fixed release of Linux man pages in Finnish.
> There are 132 pages from sections 1 and 6.
> If you want to contribute, point your browser to
> www.redhat.sot.com/Man-pages-fi.shtml
> Copyrights: These man pages are under GPL.
> ->8-clip->8-
> upstream package at
> <http://www.redhat.sot.com/usr/man/RPMS/man-pages-fi-0.1-2.noarch.rpm>
> only as .rpm. I'm still trying to get them to distribute also as something
> else than .rpm

Please, pay attention that on redhat some programs are different from
those on debian.
For example, debian has man-db instead of man, so the manpages for man,
whatis, apropos, makewhatis shouldn't go into debian.
Instead the man-db program installs all its translations (manpages and
messages), so you should get its source and translate them.

thank you.


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