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Re: Looking for someone to take over Imlib

Hi Brian,

If no one else will take your Imlib packages, I will.  Let me know what
you think.


On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Brian Almeida wrote:

> Hey gang,
>   I'm looking for someone to take over the Imlib packages.  I have had
> increasingly less time to work on them, and quite frankly are burning me out.
> It's an important package now, not just in the domain of Enlightenment, but
> also in all of GNOME now.  Any people interested should be warned that the
> author (Carsten Haizler, aka the Rasterman/raster), has a tendency to burn out
> debian maintainers ;)  It's not a excruciatingly difficult package, I have two
> normal bugs open on it, and one wishlist.  People who are interested in it
> should have some measure of free time, as it's updated fairly frequently, and
> as I mentioned, GNOME is heavily dependent upon it.  
>   On a related note, I am going to hand over my fnlib and stringlist packages
> to Steve Baker (sbaker or fantumn on IRC), as soon as he completes the new 
> maintainer application process.
> Hope I haven't scared off everyone =)
> Thanks,
> Brian
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