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Looking for someone to take over Imlib

Hey gang,

  I'm looking for someone to take over the Imlib packages.  I have had
increasingly less time to work on them, and quite frankly are burning me out.
It's an important package now, not just in the domain of Enlightenment, but
also in all of GNOME now.  Any people interested should be warned that the
author (Carsten Haizler, aka the Rasterman/raster), has a tendency to burn out
debian maintainers ;)  It's not a excruciatingly difficult package, I have two
normal bugs open on it, and one wishlist.  People who are interested in it
should have some measure of free time, as it's updated fairly frequently, and
as I mentioned, GNOME is heavily dependent upon it.  
  On a related note, I am going to hand over my fnlib and stringlist packages
to Steve Baker (sbaker or fantumn on IRC), as soon as he completes the new 
maintainer application process.

Hope I haven't scared off everyone =)



Brian Almeida <bma@debian.org> 
Debian GNU/Linux Developer       
PGP Key: 0x3A800C65

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