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Intent to package: olex

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While doing my necessary daily check of Slashdot and Freshmeat,
I noticed two programs I will most likely use - one is irssi, a
GTK IRC client that runs in the panel, but I can't package it
now because none of my GTK-1.1 stuff is working (figures I'll
have to give a nasty day to my poor low bandwidth to fix). If
anyone's interested in trying, its homepage is at
http://www.sicom.fi/~ikioma/irssi.html (wnpp - this may be added
to "software that should be packaged) and it's from the guy who
originally wrote yagirc.

The other is olex, and it's an object-oriented replacement for
(lex|flex)/(yacc|bison). Makes full use of classes and ISO C++,
so I'll have use for it in my own projects (and it will run in
my machine, which is the sweet part) so I'm packaging. It's very
alpha and the HP is at http://www.gv.kotnet.org/~jafar/olex/

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