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Re: Getting Slink compatible with Linux-2.2.0

Joey Hess wrote:
> I'm forced to agree. Support for swap partitions > 128 mb is a new
> feature; a mkswap that doesn't support it isn't a major incompatability.
> Few people will need the feature anyway, and if they do need it the simple
> workaround is to use multiple 128 mb partitions.

Okay, reading the emails people sent me, I think I didn't make clear what I

It is not that I claim "you need this and that to compile and/or run a 2.2
kernel". I say "the requirements speak of this and that to compile and/or
run a 2.2 kernel". Are those requirements not entirely correct? Probably,
most likely they are not minimal requirements. But, hey, the kernel
documentation, the place where I personally would look when I want to run
that kernel, states I need such versions of software.

Now you can make choices between two things, being a Debian supporter: 1)
Debian should listen to those requirements, and get their upcoming release
compatible in the sense that when I, as a user, try to figure out if my
newly installed Debian slink system supports 2.2 kernels, looking at the
documentation; or 2) wait for the users to come and ask if Debian 2.1
(slink) is compatible. And not once. Not twice. I'd go for at least one
hundred times. And yes, then it will be put in some faq that 'some' users
don't read.

Thus, I'm not talking about putting new features in the frozen distribution,
I'm talking of makeing it both the users out there, and the people helping
those users, easier when slink gets released and questions about Linux-2.2
come up.. Maybe I'm totally wrong with my expectations on what people will
do when they want Linux-2.2 on their slink system, who knows. Do you?

Thanks for everyones time,

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