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Re: DFSG v2 Draft #5


On 25-Jan-99 Buddha Buck wrote:
> I have two comments...
>> 3.2. Misrepresentation of Authors 
>> ----------------------------------
> ...
>> 3.6.2. Versioning and Renaming 
>> -------------------------------
> Are these two clauses redundant?  And should 3.6.2 be interpreted to 
> extend to other identifiers besides name or number (such as icon used 
> in a GUI to identify the software, or a logo affiliated with the 
> software)?
No, the first refers to using the author's name (such as Buddha Buck or Darren
Benham).  The second refers to the name of the software it's self (grep or

> Second...
> gecko@debian.org said:
>> 3.3. License of Derived Works  ------------------------------
> ...
> This looks like the result of a bad cut-and-paste job.  I have tried, 
> and I can't even understand what it was supposed to mean.  Could this 
> be clarified in the final version?
It'll have to be.  That's one section nobody likes.  I decided to post the
draft with that section, basicly, messed up to get comments on the rest.  This
section is supposed to allow a sofware package to say that if someone modifies
it or uses code from it in their own software, the resulting software must also
be DFSG-free.

Geez, even my explanation isn't good... Maybe it's just the hour...
I'll take a crack at that tomarrow.
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