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Re: DFSG v2 Draft #5

> On 25-Jan-99 Buddha Buck wrote:
> > I have two comments...
> > 
> >> 3.2. Misrepresentation of Authors 
> >> ----------------------------------
> > ...
> >> 3.6.2. Versioning and Renaming 
> >> -------------------------------
> > 
> > Are these two clauses redundant?  And should 3.6.2 be interpreted to 
> > extend to other identifiers besides name or number (such as icon used 
> > in a GUI to identify the software, or a logo affiliated with the 
> > software)?
> No, the first refers to using the author's name (such as Buddha Buck or Darren
> Benham).  The second refers to the name of the software it's self (grep or
> sendmail).

I should have seen that... What confused me about 3.2 was the mention 
of "trademarks" in connection with what may be restricted.

OK, then what about my second question about those parts...

Should other identifiers, like icons or logos affiliated with a 
software, be able to be restricted in the same way as names?

I can write a DFSG-compliant license that says "If you distribute 
derived works of the WidgetFactory game, they must not be named 
'WidgetFactory'."  That is allowed by 3.6.2.  Could I go farther to say 
in addition "...and they must be modified to use a different logo that 
those included in the WidgetFactory*.xpm source files."  The purpose is 
the same as requiring a name-change: to protect the integrity of the 
"original" software.

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