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Re: Debian logo & its license


   Please pardon my non-developer comment, but one thing about the license has
bothered me for a while, and I've seen no else bring it up:

   Do we really want to limit the maximum size of an entity that can display
the license?

   Points 2, 3, & 4 of the license state, roughly, that you may not display
the logo unless half of the entity (software, info, or service) must be
related to or derived from Debian.  Thus any product, or service
organization, large enough to comprise all of Debian plus that amount of
something else plus one bit, can no longer use the logo.  So, Walnut Creek's
FTP server (cdrom.com) is out of luck.  So's the 13-CD release of Linux
Developer's Resource, and IBM, &c., &c., &c.  (So's Microsoft...hmm, maybe
that's the point. :-)

   Don't we want to specify that if they use the logo, they must
include/service/know about/deal with _at_least_half_of_Debian_?  That way,
anyone displaying the logo is fairly clueful about us, but not inherently
limited in the amount of what they can offer.

		Fading back into the shadows...

				Max Hyre

Don't bother cc:ing me---I'll get it out of the mailing-list archives
tomorrow night...

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