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Re: Debian logo & its license

>>>>> On Sun, 24 Jan 1999 00:52:12 +0100, Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@cs.leidenuniv.nl> said:

 Wichert> [1 <text/plain; us-ascii (quoted-printable)>] For the Nth
 Wichert> time our logo license has expired. It might be a good idea
 Wichert> to finally finalize the license instead of just extending
 Wichert> its lifetime every couple of months.

 Wichert> There has also been mention of people wanting a different
 Wichert> logo. I think we should stick to our current logo for
 Wichert> several reasons though:

 Wichert> * it is a good logo: it's easily recognizable, simple to
 Wichert>   draw, scales good and looks good in both black&white and
 Wichert>   in colour.
 Wichert> * choosing a new logo will take a long time: we would have
 Wichert>   to get submissions, vote on them all over again, etc.
 Wichert> * I actually like the thing :)

 Wichert> I propose that we vote on accepting both the logo and the
 Wichert> current license.

Since this seems to be a formal proposal.  I second.  I'd like to see
an end to the issue once and for all.

I see two different votes here:

1) A formal logo license that Debian will use.
2) What we do about the logo (with options a) keep current, b) keep
   current for some amount of time, c) get new one in some manner).

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