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Re: Debian logo & its license

On Sat, Jan 23, 1999 at 10:35:50PM -0600, Andrew G . Feinberg wrote:
> Why in the world do we need to license something as trivial as a
> _logo_?

Because if we don't, nobody has the right to make copies of it and
display it publically.  It's the same reason as with software.

> as a normal person that I dislike excessive legalese.

If you really were a normal person, why are you a Debian developer?
The proverbial normal people /hate/ (or at best tolerate) computers.
(My point being that there is not one normal person on the face of
Earth.  Everyone have their quirks.)

And a license by itself is not excessive legalese.  Most free software
licenses I've read are not legalese at all, and those that are (GNU
(L)GPL and MPL come first to mind) are quite readable to a logically
oriented mind with some patience.

> Larry Ewing and Tux. You don't see him writing a license, do you?

The picture of Tux is licensed freely for any use as long as Larry
Ewing is mentioned.  Don't know about modification, though.

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