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NMU of xxgdb

I've prepared an NMU of xxgdb - I believe that this fixes all
outstanding reported bugs against it.  I'm contacting you two as one
of you is the listed maintainer of xxgdb, and the other of you did the
libc6 NMU for hamm.  I'm cross-posting to debian-devel in case anyone
else had been looking at fixing up xxgdb after my last thread on it.
Unless I hear objections, I will upload it (to potato only; this
contains more new code than is healthy in a deep freeze) in a bit over
a week.

I converted it over to using debhelper, so the diff is actually quite
large for an NMU - also, I made enough changes to the actual source so 
that it no longer needs changes to X include files to compile - I
didn't quite do this as cleanly as I would have liked to, but it's a
starting point.

Of slightly more general interest, I wrote a new debhelper script to
package xxgdb - dh_installxaw.  It's basically just a modified copy of 
dh_installmenu that installs xaw-wrappers files and adds the
appropriate commands to the postinst and postrm.  It's in the debian/
subdirectory of this NMU.  (I'm also forwarding it to

Until I upload it to INCOMING, you can access this .deb from:

It's lintian-clean; take that for what it's worth.

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