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Re: Intent to package rolldice, blackjack

On Thu, Jan 21, 1999 at 04:04:20AM -0500, Stevie Strickland wrote:
> rolldice is a virtual dice roller that takes in a string on the command
> line in the format used by some fantasy role playing games like Advanced
> Dungeons & Dragons[1] and returns the result of the dice rolls.

Just wondering, what's the output like and does it return for d10 0-9 or
1-10?  Does it handle "d%"?  Is the number of dice optional or must one
feed it "1d8" for example?  Does it return the results of each die or the
total rolled or both?  Can you give it something like "2d8 d12 3d6" and
get a nice formatted output?  Am I asking too many questions?  =>

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work in the dark."
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