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RE: KDE status?

Hi Darren,

> > What's the word on Debian and the KDE?  Just wondering.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > -Ossama
> > 
> It's all available in the archives... Let's not start THAT discussion again,
> ok? 

Sure no problem.  I had no intention of doing so.  I was just curious as
to the status.  There will be no argument from me, especially since I
agreed with Debian's stance on the matter.  :)

Ossama Othman <othman@cs.wustl.edu>
58 60 1A E8 7A 66 F4 44  74 9F 3C D4 EF BF 35 88  1024/8A04D15D 1998/08/26

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