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Re: jdk doesn't work at all - is anyone on it?

"Amos" == Amos Shapira <amos@gezernet.co.il> writes:

Amos> At first I suspected that maybe I screwed something and purged
Amos> and re-installed the package, but that doesn't work.  Now I had
Amos> a report from someone else that it doesn't work for him at all
Amos> too.

Same here; reinstalling it gets you closer but one still has to go
inside /usr/lib/jdk1.1 and replace 2 empty dirs with symlinks before
it actually works.  And though it then runs, it still complains about
checkVersions being missing.

I'd rather have the jdk 1.1.6 from September back, to be honest -- it
actually worked.  How did 1.1.7 get into slink two weeks ago, this far
into the freeze?

Amos> Is anyone sitting on this?  How severe is this for the release?

I'd say grave, but then again jdk is non-free and wont be on CDs anyway.
TIA to whoever fixes this package.

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