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RE: KDE status?

> > It's all available in the archives... Let's not start THAT discussion again,
> > ok? 
> Sure no problem.  I had no intention of doing so.  I was just curious as
> to the status.  There will be no argument from me, especially since I
> agreed with Debian's stance on the matter.  :)

Brief summary, then:

KDE will not be in slink.
KDE will be in potato if

a) KDE change their license (in which case it can go into contrib)
b) Qt change their license (in which case they may both be able to go into

b) is the likely outcome, since troll are designing a new Qt license,
which Joseph Carter <knightbrd@debian.org) is looking at with a view to
making it both DFSG-free (which it almost certainly will be) and
GPL-compatible (trickier).

For more background, please read the archives of

debian-legal,debian-devel and kde-licensing :-)


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