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Re: Dpkg Update Proposal


>>"fantumn" == fantumn \(Steven Baker\) <fantumn> writes:

	What is wrong with cvs-buildpackage? I maintain all my
 packages in CVS, and there is a well defined version based
 tagging scheme.

	What exactly are you attempting to solve here that has not
 already been solved?

 fantumn>   CVS is becoming an increasingly important part of the
 fantumn> daily life for many free software projects (Gnome, Mozilla
 fantumn> and Berlin come to mind), yet there is no defined way to
 fantumn> name a CVS package.

	Why do CVS based packages need a special name? I am missing
 something here. Do you mean we need a versioning scheme for daily
 snapshots? That has already been discussed, and there was a consensus
 about it, and that was to use versioning of the form YYYYMMDD as the
 snapshot version.

 fantumn> Perhaps we can take the easy way out, and not package
 fantumn> programs from CVS, but what would us Enlightenment users do
 fantumn> without CVS versions?  Enlightenment has not had a new
 fantumn> version since 0.14 which was way back this past summer, and
 fantumn> it is severely feature-deprived (no iconization, for
 fantumn> instance).  The current Enlightenment maintainer, Brian
 fantumn> Almeida, has come up with a wonderful solution for this.  He
 fantumn> calles all stable versions of Enlightenment simply
 fantumn> enlightenment, and CVS versions enlightenment-cvs.  He has
 fantumn> fixed it further, by making enlightenment-cvs conflict with
 fantumn> enlightenment.  Perhaps there are more examples.

 fantumn>   Personally, I think Brian's solution to the CVS problem is
 fantumn> the perfect fix, but perhaps there is room in the Debian
 fantumn> package format for a CVS version numbering.

	I fail to see why we have to invent a bureaucratic scheme for
 something we have absolutely no need to regulate, if you are talking
 about renaming or renumbering a package just because it is in CVS. If
 you are talking about snapshot versions, please look at the archives
 of the -policy list.

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