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Re: texinfo and texi2* in tetex-bin?

> > >Oh boy! Cammon! Now I need to install 25M (tetex-bin~=10 +
> > >tetex-base~=15) just to compile texi files into html or info?
> > 
> > Uhh, not "now", makeinfo and texi2html in tetex-bin is not a new 
> > development, it's been that way since at least bo, IIRC.
> I know. Doesn't make it any better. :-)
> > >I really think we should continue to provide separate "texinfo"
> > >and "texi2html" packages at least.

How about having a texinfo package which provides the texi2html,
makeinfo etc. binaries, and have texinfo Conflict: tetex-bin,
and have tetex-bin Provide: texinfo.  Seems like it should work.



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