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Re: Dpkg Update Proposal

fantumn Steven Baker" wrote:
> have this little g (imlib and fnlib come to mind).  Since libc5 exists for the
> most part only in the hearts of the Slackware users, this 'g' thing can be
> dropped.

No it can't. Please consider backwards compatability.

>   Another problem with this is that many packages comtain a number on the end,
> so that different versions of the library can be installed (I assume), but that,
> also is not consistent.  For instance, freetype has two packages, freetype1 and
> freetype2, where do the 1 and 2 come from?  What significance do they have?

Library sonames.

>   My solution, after long thought and working out, is to simply modify the
> Debian Package Management system to allow multiple versions of packages to be
> installed.

This is actually a good idea. RPM manages to do this and it does make their
package names simpler and it actually seems to work (though I'm not sure how).

Can you provide some techincal details about how this will work?

see shy jo

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