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Re: LSB?

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Joseph Carter wrote:

> Reasonable objection notwithstanding, I intend to write a letter to those
> responsible for the LSB to attempt to raise the issues we have with their
> current proposal.  I would appreciate discussion on these issues in other
> parts of this thread.

If you're interested in the LSB, you should join the LSB mailing list and
offer to help.

"writing a letter to those responsible" is _very_ likely to be useless
considering this lsb-fhs is a very first snapshot and that most problems
with it reported on debian-devel have already been reported on the LSB

> I encourage those who have a significant opinion not yet voiced in the
> LSB thread found on debian-devel to write them down either as part of
> the thread or directly to me to aid in the drafting of this letter.

Please just don't do that.
Whining on debian-devel/Freshmeat/Slashdot will _not_ help. Joining the
LSB-test mailing-list and offer to help is a much better thing to do.


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