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Re: LSB?

It has come to my attention that recent decisions made by the Linux
Standard Base body (I hesitate to say "committee" as I have never been
party to any of their internal discussions and am unaware of their
internal organizational structrure) are possibly unwise and have been
determined by at least a few individuals as A Bad Thing.  Particularly
worth note are several i386isms and other things which those who have
spoken already feel are oversights with potentially disasterous results.

Reasonable objection notwithstanding, I intend to write a letter to those
responsible for the LSB to attempt to raise the issues we have with their
current proposal.  I would appreciate discussion on these issues in other
parts of this thread.  I encourage those who have a significant opinion
not yet voiced in the LSB thread found on debian-devel to write them down
either as part of the thread or directly to me to aid in the drafting of
this letter.

For those who missed the thread on -devel, relevant URLs can be found at

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