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Debian v2.1 ("Slink") Deep Freeze

		     Debian v2.1 ("Slink") Deep Freeze

After considerable delay, Slink is almost ready for release.  As such, it
will go into the "deep freeze" on Wednesday, January 20th.  New uploads
will be _greatly_ restricted.  Also, the following packages will be
removed because of release-critical bugs still open against them:

ftpwatch          31627  ftpwatch: trivial root exploit
grail             31905  grail never starts (lengthy mail)
ivtools           31966  Post Inst error
licq              31614  licq: licq reads from the console when started from the menus!
newscache         26057  newscache: Access control not compiled in
pilot-link        31806  pilot-link: Can't build from source
qtscape           31565  qtscape depends on obsolete version of qt
scwm              31555  libguile4: hoses scwm (yet again)
snd               30941  snd does not work with slink version of lesstif

If you have any objections to this list, please email me immediately.  Also,
the following packages will hold up the final release because of release-
critical bugs against them.

boot-floppies     31099  the 'load modules' screen hangs
                  31618  Frozen boot floppies don't work on Tosh laptop.
cracklib-runtime  27511  crack_packer outputs numbers to stdout
dpkg              17624  dpkg: installs regular dir when .deb contains symlink !
                  21182  dpkg: dpkg can go into an infinite loop with --force-configure-any
                  28519  dpkg: dpkg creates circular symlinks
                  28817  dpkg takes no care over libdpkg
                  30090  weirdass dpkg coredumps and xbase upgrade insanity
                  30891  dpkg: Patch for update-alternatives to fix jdk problems
dpkg-dev          25537  dpkg-dev: dpkg-genchanges does not allow "-" in the architecture
                  31508  parsechangelog broken?
dpkg-multicd      32068  multicd can't reinstall removed package
fileutils         30184  fileutils: chown broken on symlinks
ftp.debian.org    14898  courtney has problematic license
                  31282  upgrade-1386 directory in Incoming
                  31578  cfengine needs to be in frozen
                  31828  cgiwrap is old and unmaintained
kernel-image-2.0  31516  kernel-image-2.0.36: please add these ISDN fixes
kernel-package    31972  kernel-package: GUESS_ARCH breaks kernel-image package
libapache-mod-pu  32043  Typo prevents package removal
libc6             31734  severe bug in frozen base
                  32035  ldso: dpkg warning overwriting file in libc6
libgd1g           31586  libgd1g: broken shlibs and wrong section in control file
lprng             23682  lprng: The default configuration permits _anyone_ to use a printer
                  31889  lprng: error in postinst
netbase           32092  Undeclared depend: suidmanager
nonus.debian.org  21423  Dpkg-ftp can't handle alternative distributions
                  31326  Broken symlinks on nonus.debian.org
                  31964  dselect tries to install old package
perl-suid         31904  Secuity hole with perl (suidperl) and nosuid mounts on Linux
tcsh              28959  meta keys in tcsh don't work anymore!
wu-ftpd-academ    30931  wu-ftpd-academ: Can't build from source!
xbase             30852  X packages do not upgrade automatically due to name change.
xdm               29360  xdm: Stopped X without warning/asking
xlib6             31610  xlib6: requires gcc but declares no dependency (dpkg --print-gnu-build-architecture?)
xserver-common    29166  xserver-common: should depend or at least recommend properly ver'd xlib6g

If you would like to help speed the release of the next Debian distribution,
you are encouraged to take part in fixing these bugs.  More information about
them can be found on Debian's web page:  http://www.debian.org/Bugs/

The official release date is yet unset, but with luck it can be as
early as the end of January.  More likely, though, is mid-February.

				Brian White <bcwhite@debian.org>
				     Debian Release Manager

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