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Re: what about Pine's license?

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Rafael Kitover wrote:

> While the pine license is evil, true. I have a suggestion for the way pine
> packages are currently made. The process of installing pine currently is,
> apt-get install pine396-src
> apt-get install pine396-diffs
> cd /usr/src/pine
> read the README
> dpkg-source -x pine*dsc
> cd pine*;debian/rules binary
> see warning, press enter, watch it build
> cd ..;dpkg -i *.deb

No, this is the process of *compiling* pine.

The process of installing pine is just

dpkg -i pine.deb

And for this reason pine.deb should continue to be the packahe it is.

> Now, why not have a package just called "pine" that would:
> pre-depend on devscripts, a c compiler, and whatever else is necessary to
> build pine. And of course on the pine packages themselves. Suggest
> pine-docs. With the end result of all this being that a user could type
> apt-get install pine

I have no objection to such package, as long as it is not named "pine".

But someone else would have to be the maintainer, I don't want to
maintain a tricky package like that.


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